“A lot of it has to do with drought, a lot of it has to do with changing precipitation patterns and a lot of that has to do with climate change,” the president said.

Firefighters made progress Tuesday in their efforts to get the largest wildfire in Washington state’s history under control, with wetter weather bringing some relief but also raising concerns about flash flooding.

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New Video: Behind the clean white Apple logo lies one of the biggest secrets on the Internet. Apple uses coal to power the massive data centers they use to store and send your photos, music, movies, and applications.

We’ve produced a brand new spoof video that exposes Apple’s secret. Be one of the first to check it out!

The cloud—the place where our e-mails, pictures and music are stored and shared—is growing fast. And right now, companies like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon power the cloud, and the data centers that host it, with coal.

It’s time Apple, Microsoft and Amazon make the switch to renewable energy like wind and solar.